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Pre-paid registration is required for all of these events (unless otherwise specified).
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Visit our wine patio!

Dates: 2023 Dates Coming Soon

NOTE: No outside food or other alcoholic beverages may be brought to the wine patio, however, we have prepared charcuterie boxes and crackers for those who pre-order.

Spring Happenings in the Hive

The session will be focused on how we help ensure the bees are looked after in the spring to pre-position them for a healthy start of the honey year. This time of year is a time to create new queens and much more.

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm
Price: $20.00 each
(No charge for those who have taken the 2021 and 2022 Beginner Beekeeping course)

Let’s Plant for the Bees

This activity is designed for a fun family learning experience and it is child-friendly. Come and learn a little about what our pollinators need to survive, their role in our food production, and, specifically, how we can help the honey bees by planting bee-friendly plants.  You will receive a short informational session on honey bees, experience in planting seeds/plants, a package of seeds to plant when you return home, as well as a package of 10 honey straws or a small jar of honey. You get to choose!. Come back in the summer during our sunflower patch days, or for a bee garden demonstration tour, to see the fruits of your labour and how it benefits the bees.

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Price: $5 per person (FREE for children under 5 years of age)

Note: This event is on rain or shine, so please dress appropriately!

Bee Demonstration Garden Tour

Join us for a free informational tour of the many plants and trees we have on our farm to help provide nutrition to keep the honey bees healthy and happy.

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon

Visit our Sunflower Patch!

Sunflower Offering: Every year, we aim to plant sunflowers to ensure sufficient mid and late summer nectar and pollen for the bees. You can also buy stems — one for $1 or six for $5!

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Time: During our hours of operation
Location: Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery

Wine and Wax Wednesdays

We have both beginner and advanced classes. Please click learn more to see more details.

What: A fun night out! Make beeswax candles while enjoying honey wine (mead) and a charcuterie box!
Note: choose from our meat and vegetarian options. You may also opt for a non-alcoholic beverage.

Dates: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Cost: $48/person for our beginner class, $54/person for our advanced class

Classes will be a maximum of 12 people.

Fall Hive Management Workshop

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Cost: $20.00
*Free for those taking the Beginner Beekeeping course at Campbells Gold in 2020 and 2021 at Campbells Gold

This workshop is designed for beginner beekeepers who have taken a basic course but are looking for assistance in putting theory into practice to ensure that their bees are prepared for winter survival.

If you are interested in this workshop, please register online:

Open Hive Thursdays

Adventure with us and tag along with a beekeeper to learn about topical issues in real-time! Open Hive Thursdays include a visit to a live hive!

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Time: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Cost: $10 per person

Mason Bee Workshop

Date: 2023 Dates Coming Soon

Presenter: Werner Klann
Presenter’s Bio: Werner retired approximately 10 years ago, and shortly after developed a passion for our environment and the Mason Bee. What inspired him about the Mason Bees was their hard work ethics. Over the years he researched the Internet and purchased his own Mason Bees which he set up on his brother’s farm…

Beeswax Candle Making Classes

Dates: 2023 Dates Coming Soon

For corporate team building, birthdays, special occasions for all ages or family groupings.

This is a basic beginner class where all ages are welcome! Roll your own beeswax candles or make your own molded beauties in two different styles! Beeswax candles are all natural and smell so lovely. Be prepared for two hours of fun.  An advanced fluted and tapered class is available for those wanting more of a challenge. Email us directly for advanced classes!

Paint Nights

Dates: 2023 Dates Coming Soon
Please save the date and get ready to get creative! We supply your canvas, paints, our honey wine flight, and a meat and cheese charcuterie! It’s a great way to spend time with your friends!
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    Other Upcoming Events

    Campbell’s Gold will also be involved in other off-farm events throughout the year, as well as regular attendance at local farmers markets. Find a listing of all other events on our News & Events Page.