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Beeswax & Candles

Campbell’s Gold offers a variety of beeswax and beeswax candle products. Beeswax has been used for thousands of years across a broad range of applications. It has been discovered anywhere from Egyptian tombs, the remains of Viking ships, and in Roman ruins. One of the earliest forms of use for beeswax is in candles. Beeswax is enjoyed by many as a naturally derived fuel source that is slow-burning, so lasts longer, and for its pleasant, minimal scent. It is also easy to work with, does not go off, and can be reheated and reused time and again.

When we extract honey here in our CFIA inspected extraction room, we save all the beeswax cappings from the honey frames, take them outside to our solar melters and from there we make our very own blocks and molds. The colour of natural beeswax varies greatly due to it’s age and how much propolis the bees used to maintain their honeycomb.

For more information about beeswax and the history of its use, visit this wikipedia page.

Want to learn candle-making?

We run a workshop on this day where we guide you through the process…. See more about this workshop:

Health & Home Beehive Products

The application of beehive products for health and beauty dates back thousands of years, over a variety of cultures around the world. Beeswax salves have been used traditionally in the treatment of burns, wounds and for beautifying skin care products. Beeswax provides a superior barrier against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits of propolis, honey and beeswax has been attracting more attention, and studies within the biomedical science community.

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Campbell’s Gold offers a range of beehive products for health and home including lotions, balms, scrubs, cleansers and more. We invite you to our country store to browse the many options and speak with ourselves, or our friendly staff.

We offer artisan products & gifts

In our country store, you will also find a delightful range of unique products for the home, from seasonal gift ideas to other bee-themed crafted items.

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