Mead & Honey Wine

What is Mead?

The nectar of the gods, you say? The only thing that can make you a scholar or good poet (at least according to the myths of Odin)?
Mead in the strictest sense is honey fermented with water and yeast. The term ‘mead’ is commonly used interchangeably with the term ‘honey wine’. Thought to be the oldest know alcohol on earth, it can be as distinct as the cultures who appreciate it. A Polish mead varies greatly from an Ethiopian Taj and each meadery accross Canada is producing their own artistic expression of this ancient beverage.

Here at Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery we explore a variety of tasting experiences. Not only do we make a dry and sweet mead, but we create melomels by adding fruit, cysors with the addition of apples, pyments with grapes and metheglin with zests and spice palettes. As we plant many different crops for our bees, we work with mother nature each year and produce over thirty styles of honey wine (dry, sweet and everything in between) all made directly here at our family store using 80% of our own fruit.

Campbell’s Gold
Honey Wines…

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery specializes in the production of a premium range of delightful honey wine variations:

  • Mead – sweet or dry
  • Pyment – grapes and honey
  • Melomel – fruit and honey
  • Cysor – apples and honey
  • Metheglin – spices and zests added to any of the above

Honey Wine Tasting
at Campbell’s Gold

We are hosting wine tastings again!

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