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Green Love Ideas…

  • Consider donating to a cause that supports our wildlife: animal societies and shelters.
  • Send an e-card or create your own out of reclaimed paper.
  • Buy a plant instead of flowers and then plant it in your garden together.
  • Spend the day outdoors making your garden pollinator-friendly
  • Look for eco-friendly gifts that are sustainably sourced and plastic-free. Better yet, create a home-made gift.
  • Buy organically-grown wine and fair-trade chocolate.
  • Plan a volunteer day together.
valentine's potted plant

 Earth Day Awareness!

Although Covid-19 restrictions presented challenges with movement, as we focused on curbside pick-up to reduce congestion in our store, we did receive some wonderful suggestions in our in-store suggestion box that we would like to share!

1.  We’re doing a community garden this year for fresh veggies.
2.  I have a small garden and I put most of our coffee grinds into my compost.
3.  Walk more and carpool to the honey store with my girlfriends to buy the world’s best honey.
4.  To use naturally sourced bee products including wraps to store food in the fridge.
5.  I’m going to park my car and walk as much as possible for local trips.
6. Biking to work.
7.  Reuse plastic bags and composting.
8.  Turn out unneeded lights.  Plant more plants.
9.  Bring cloth bags for groceries.
10. Use reusable lunch bags.
11.  Re-use everyday items.
12.  Keep the furnace at 20 degrees Celsius during the evening and turn off when not at home.  Turn lights off if not in a room.
13. Growing my own organic food, planting trees, and got my own coffee cup.
14.  Recycling, compost & pick up litter.
15.  Grow my own veggies.

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