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Online Order Processing time:

2-5 business days for pick-up

Returns Policy for online sales:

All food and beverage products are considered final sales. However, if you feel the product is defective, please give us a call at 604-856-2125 or email us at info@campbellsgold.com and we’ll assist you.

Caring for your honey:

All natural source honeys crystallise over time. Nectar sources from flowers, trees and shrubs provide long chain sugars to the honey bee. Using the enzymes from their honey stomachs, bees are able to break down these bigger sugars into fructose, glucose and other smaller sugars which stay liquid in the warmth of a beehive, but which tend to stick together and form crystals in cooler temperatures. The moisture content the bees decide to leave in the honey they create can also play a role in how fast or how slow it will crystallize.

To suspend crystallization, keep your honey in the freezer (in the fridge it will solidify more quickly). To undo crystallization, put your sealed honey jar into a hot water bath (not boiling) and it will gradually return to its liquid state. Use of a microwave to re-liquify honey is not recommended as its natural enzymes may be damaged.

Caring for your wine:

Store in a cool dark space away from heat and sunlight. Our honey wines should be treated like white wines which generally do not benefit from ageing. So, drink them young and fresh and serve chilled.


The mouthfeel of our wines vary from viscous and smooth to lightly effervescent. If you have any questions about a particular wine’s mouthfeel, please call us at 604-856-2125 or email us at info@campbellsgold.com for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.