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Nucleus Hives


We are partnering with the Okanagan Honey Company once again this year and selling Nucleus Hives (nucs). Each nuc will be four standard commercial deep frames with locally-bred queens and three frames of brood (usually two big capped and one open). The fourth frame is mainly a food frame. The nucs will be inspected and treated if required to assure less than 1% Varroa and no brood disease. The queens are open mated and overwintered, so there will be a variety of genetic material. Nucs will be in a wooden nuc box, however, nuc boxes are not included in the price. Arrangements will be made with you to pick-up your nuc in May 2022 and your subsequent nuc box return.

The total price is $300.00 each.

You can choose to pay a deposit or the full price online. Please note the deposit is non-refundable and the balance is to be paid at the time of pick up. We accept debit, credit, and/or cash. We can accept cheques if given time for those to clear before pick up of the nucs.

Arrival time: Available around the 3rd week of May. We will contact you as we get into spring to confirm the date of availability. Reserve now to secure your Nuc!

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