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Edible | A Bee’s Terrior

“Specialty  honey varietals are a three for-for-one deal, helping the environment, the local economy and your health. And they’re delicious.”

See page 26 of 31 of PDF.

6 places to get the best sunflower photos in the Fraser Valley

“If you’re in the mood for some delicious local honey or mead, stop by Campbell’s. Their store is filled with all sorts of honey themed products, one of my favourites is the lavender honey.

On your way in or out, you can take a stroll through their property and snap photos along their blooming sunflower field at no cost.”

Abbotsford — The Hidden Gem Of Southern B.C.

“The Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm is so much more than a honey farm. They make honey wine (Meade) and educate children and adults. Amazing to experience the bees and honey first hand!”

5 Places To Find Delicious Mead

“This family-owned farm and apiary is known for all things bee! From beekeeping and agri-education, beehive products, specialty honey and mead, you can find it all here on the farm.”

Spontaneous Fall Road Trips Less Than 1 Hour Away From Vancouver

“If you’re craving a drive through the country, it’s fun to have a place in mind to end up! Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Apiary is a sweet place to go pick up premium mead and honey. They also offer workshops and farm tours so you can stretch your legs after the drive out here.”

How to Save the Honeybees: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

“Bees are needed to grow crops like apples, blueberries and tomatoes, but the sad truth is, their numbers are on the decline. A recent study at York University has warned that the American bumblebee is facing extinction in Canada, so we took a trip to Campbell’s Gold and Honey Farm to see what we can do to help.”